Must-Know Tips for Your Dream U.S. Getaway

You have dreamed and prayed for this all your life and now it’s finally going to happen. Yes, you are going to the US! For sure, by now you have already packed your bags and filled them with lots of stuff. Flights are all booked, hotel stays confirmed, and tickets for excursions are ready. What are you missing? Wait! Have you booked a car using enterprise at Orlando airport already?

The Best Places to Visit in America

Never in your wildest dream had you thought this would happen. But because it is actually happening, make the most out of it. According to travel experts, below are the best things and the best places to visit and experience in the and of milk and honey’.

1. Experience the Thrill of New York City

Few lines of the song “New York” by Alicia Keys goes, “New York – These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you”. True enough, travellers who love a vibrant city life with busy streets and big lights must come to visit the Big Apple. Famous attractions include the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and the famous Broadway.

Tip: Using a cab to get around NYC would cost you a fortune. We know how cabs work; once you’re in the car, the meter starts running. To avoid this, rent a car for 24 hours. With this option, you get to visit more places at a lesser cost.

2. Enjoy the Fun in Las Vegas

While NYC is known to be the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas is dubbed as the in City’. Actually, there is more to this city than casinos and clubs. If placing a bet at a casino or watching a beautiful stripper is not your type, then you can surely sip from a luxurious wine collection at the Rio Wine Cellar or experience Paris and Venice at the same time at Paris Las Vegas and the Venetian, respectively.

Tip: When driving, do not drive along the main strip to avoid heavy traffic.

3. Be Amazed at the Beauty of Chicago

Chicago has a lot to offer: sumptuous food, astonishing architecture, beautiful beaches, serene nature parks, and many more. In addition to the city’s stunning skyline which features a unique fusion of the old and the new, Chicago is known for its white-sand beaches where you can bathe all day in the sun for that perfectly tanned skin.

Tip: Because Chicago is huge, to rent a car 24 hours would be a wise option to go around the city.

However, remember that parking fee is quite costly so if your destination for that day is just a few blocks away, better walk. Furthermore, whether it is NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago, or any other city you’re planning to visit, renting a car outside the airport is a more affordable option. Renting a car within the airport zone usually means a hefty amount of money.

General Tip when Booking a Trip

Always remember that same-day booking will generally cost more; this is true for flights, hotels, excursions, and rent a car 24 hours. This is why it is recommended to book in advance.

Rhonda Pearson

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